Dog Washing: Self and Full Service with our Patented EZ-Bather

DOG WASH Doggie Daycare & Boarding NYC provides seven patented EZ-Bather bath bays for a more ergonomic dog wash. Unleash your pooch's good looks with professional dog washing and grooming services from our company in New York, New York.

Each of our bays is sanitized and has rubber bathing accommodations to promote an enjoyable bonding experience between you and your dog. There is no stress or mess like you'd normally get from bathing your dog in your apartment's bathtub.

Self-Service Bathing (Guided)
All you need to do is bring your dog—we provide everything else you need for only $19. You're also welcome to bring your own shampoo. Service includes:

• Your Own Private Bay
• An Apron
• Warm Water
• A Shampoo Mixing Pump Sprayer with a Variety of Shampoos
• Super Hypoallergenic Oatmeal, Deep Cleaning, or Bleach-Free Whitener
• A Variable-Speed Blow Dryer
• An Ear Drying & Cleaning Solution with Cotton Balls
• Chamois Cloth Towels
• A Brush
• Nail Clippers


                                                            (No heavy undercoat brush-outs or self grooming allowed)

Extra Services
In addition to the above package, we offer a nontoxic, pesticide-free flea, tick, and mite, (parasite), dip application for $15 and a pyrethrin dip for $15. Our dips are a PREVENTATIVE step only. If your dog has parasites, we recommend you have a Veterinarian eradicate them.  Please be aware that we do not allow self-groomings. Cutting, shedding, and heavy brush-outs must be done by an independent groomer before coming for a self-service wash.

Full-Service Bathing
We can arrange for an independent groomer to wash your dog. This service includes a two-stage thorough shampooing, a light brush-out, drying, ear cleaning, and nail clipping. Prices range from $40 to $50. The process normally takes about an hour.

We Undercoat groomings by appointment.

Contact us for more information about our  dog daycare, dog boarding and dog washing services.